Interview with a Founder: How Alyce Tran made an accessories empire out of a passion project - The Daily Edited


It’s the accessories empire consumers can’t get enough of. It’s luxe personalisation on a new level – monogramed goods you didn’t know you needed in your life, until… you did. Phone cases, wallets, bags, key rings, passport holders all trademarked with your own initials or icons.

Launched in 2014 out of Sydney, The Daily Edited quickly hit cult status amongst stylish men and women all over the globe – even Gigi Hadid has her own GH monogramed taupe phone case.


We chat to Co-founder Alyce Tran about how she and Tania Liu went from working in law to turning their passion project into an international billion dollar business. We cover all things from the importance of customer service to meeting Sylvester Stallone, expanding into the US retail market and how scaling up changed everything.

J +B: Where did the first inkling of an idea for TDE come from?


AT: The Daily Edited was really launched as a passion project by my co-founder Tania Liu and I as something to work on outside our work as lawyers.  We actually launched a clothing line to begin with but then pivoted into leather accessories - the story goes I was promoted and then rolled into a high end accessories store.

What business experience did you have when you started the company?


What was your first major challenge or setback?

We suffer setbacks all the time but we see everything as a learning experience.


What's one thing you have refused to compromise on?

Customer service - we always have a full team across our stores and online no matter how the business is going. I believe it is all about how great the experience every single one of our customers has with us that builds our business.


When you started the company, did you always plan to take it international? When did you realise you could?

Given that TDE is a digitally native business it was international from day 1. In fact, I think 3 or so of our first 10 orders were from customers overseas!


What's one thing you can admit to being not so good at on the business side of things, and how have you managed to get it done anyway?

I find managing people quite difficult, I just try to be honest with my team but sometimes that’s hard too!


You've now got a store in New York, was that a long time coming?

Not really given our short existence - we are only really going into our 5th year of trade in 2019! It is a very exciting location though.


Talk us through the process of expanding into the US - what should other business owners be aware of?

There are definitely cultural differences between Australians and Americans, no matter how much American TV you watch you never really get it until you’re there!

What's been your biggest pinch-me moment? Any celebrity fans you're thrilled to have?

I suppose meeting Sylvester Stallone - he came on set with his daughters who were our brand ambassadors a few years ago!


What does your 2019 wishlist include?

I don’t wish for anything, everything that I have and do is great!


How do you ensure you take enough time off as business owners?

We have finally been able to scale up our team to enable us to not have to be on 24/7 with the business. Our team over time have been able to excel and progress in their roles. It has taken 2 years (which on reflection is a short period of time) but patiently working with our team and scaling up their ability has totally been worth it!

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